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Right now, there are an estimated 40 million trapped in slavery across the globe. It is up to us to fight for justice of those enslaved.  Through your purchase of a simple necklace, we are able to make a huge impact by raising awareness and funds to help end human trafficking once and for all.


College students, with a passion for justice and to see broken lives restored.

The Jars of Hope staff is not your typical business employee scenario. Each semester we have a group of college students sign up to serve voluntary with Jars of Hope. As the semesters go on, we see so many new faces and it is so encouraging to see the word about Jars of Hope expand.  More importantly, to see so many people with a burning fire in their hearts to see justice done. These individuals are passionate about freedom and making the love of Christ known in the darkest of places. While we may not be on the battlegrounds of human trafficking, we can support those who are. We support various organizations as they seek to rescue and restore the broken souls trapped in this horrible injustice.  


To put it simply, we make and sell necklaces, but the message and service through this organization goes much deeper.  The message of how Jesus takes broken lives and restores them into something beautiful and whole is being proclaimed with each necklace sale.  As we attended different fairs, awareness nights, host tables and much more we are able to spread the redemptive message of the gospel.  By simply wearing a necklace or giving them away, we are able to spread awareness about human trafficking to those around us.